Pay Transparency

Illustration of transparent piggy bank

Implementing new state requirements and supporting USC managers

On Jan. 1, 2023, California Senate Bill 1162, commonly known as the Pay Transparency Bill, went into effect. For USC, this meant new state requirements related to pay transparency, including the necessary addition of a pay scale to all internal and external job postings and the submission of a pay data report (in May 2023) to the California Civil Rights Department.

To meet the California SB 1162 requirements, University HR initiated a cross-functional effort in October 2022. Workgroups across the HR, Equity, and Compliance division were engaged to develop an approach to ensure university-wide compliance. Training guides and FAQs were created and distributed to support USC managers to help assist with pay-related inquiries from their direct reports and prospective employees.

Additionally, HR Partners from every school and unit were called on to assist in updating student worker positions, closing outdated job postings, and adjusting the remaining postings with the appropriate pay scale. With approximately 4,500 job postings requiring manual updates in the weeks leading up to Winter Recess, the Pay Transparency project was an all-hands-on-deck effort.

President Carol Folt acknowledged the achievement of ensuring compliance with Pay Transparency during her 2023 State of the University address, recognizing it as an example of “people making things work well” and doing so “in record time!”